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Can I present my Models to potential Clients?

Yes! StaffConnect allows you to create custom presentations and cards. You can send your clients a link to these and they will be able to see a grid of all your models (presentation) and can click on a model to view more details and media on the model’s card.

Is this really white-label?

Yes! You have the ability to completely replace the StaffConnect name and logo wherever you see it.

Does my IT team need to be involved?

No. The only techy thing required is to set up SPF records on your domain to allow Staffconnect to send email on your behalf. Don’t worry, we have guides to walk you through this or we can do it for you.

How long does it take to get started?

After a demo call we can create your trial system within 24hrs.
It usually takes between 2 days - 2 weeks to get your apps published on the app stores.
For importing existing databases our tech team can usually get it done within 2 days of receiving your data.

How long is the Free Trial and what is included?

The free trial lasts for 30 days. The trial system includes all the features of the paid system minus your logo and branding, SMS ability or presentation and card customisations.

How do I know my staff are covid compliant?

There are multiple ways to track COVID compliance.
We would suggest adding custom fields to your user profiles asking for their vaccination status, date of last test and test results.
We also have a COVID health questionnaire you can customise and enable to have staff complete online the day of their event.

What other systems are you integrated with?

We are integrated with:
- Xero for accounting, invoicing and payroll
- XTRM & WorkMarket for payments
- Intuto for the New Zealand Safe In Store Pass
- Vonage for SMS

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