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Sync StaffConnect With Other Apps

Webhooks are a technical feature that allow you to sync data to other applications you may use in your day to day business operations. They allow events such as generating and sending invoices to your preferred billing platform automatically!


How Do They Work?

Actions in web applications are known as events. What Webhooks do is allow you to send event data to another application, automatically. For example, let's say you just generated an invoice using StaffConnect's payroll feature. You can set up Webhooks to gather all of that event information and send that directly into Quickbooks, meaning you don't have to then generate another invoice there! The beautiful thing? It works with any web application that also supports RESTful API's!


We Can Help You Set Them Up!

Webhooks are a technical feature, and not everyone has a developer on hand to set them up. If you have an integration in mind, please let us know and we'll work together to help you create it for a reasonable cost!

For more details on how to utilize them, please take a look at our Knowledge Base article which lays out all the available listener events you can use!