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Event Scheduling

Shared, Colour Coded Calendar

The calendar is the heart of the scheduling process. Here’s a simplified version of the process:

1. Create An Event

You create events by clicking on the calendar, copying existing events or importing via spreadsheet

2. Populate The Event

Once you’ve populated the event details and set all the role requirements, publish the event for your eligible talent to see it.

3. Notify Talent

Let StaffConnect notify eligible talent automatically, or if you have specific talent in mind, invite them directly to apply by email and push notification.

4. Talent Accept The Event

Talent browse their calendars, see and apply for the event. Optionally have them electronically sign forms, complete quizzes and enter a reason for their application.

5. Organize Your Day

Glance at the calendar and tell from the colours (which you can set yourself) the status of your event – from being unfilled all the way to everyone being checked-in, to paid, to your client having paid your invoice.

Event Scheduling

Talent Availability

If you’re using StaffConnect, double booking talent is a problem of the past. The system will warn you if the person you’re trying to book is already working another event with conflicting times, or if the person has indicated that they are not available.

On talent’s profiles they can enter when they are not available, for example if they have classes every Monday morning, or if they’re going away for a month. Entering their unavailability ensures that they will not be booked when they are not available. As a bonus, should your talent work for other agencies also using StaffConnect, they can link their profiles so that availability is shared across all systems.

Event Scheduling

Automated Staff Recommendations

Recommendations are talent that StaffConnect recommends for your events, based on role requirements, availability, location, past performance and more. On the settings page you tell the system what matters to you, and the algorithm adjusts itself accordingly.

This feature is just one of our steps towards automating the scheduling process. We’re still analyzing how this is used, but the end goal is to have the system automatically invite or even book staff for you!