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Central Location For Your Team & Talent

It is important for your team and your talent to stay connected, especially if you are a large agency spanning multiple regions. The home screen of the app and web platform is a shared timeline where your office admins and talent can share text and photos, like, and comment on each others updates.

You can pin important posts so they remain at the top of the screen, approve or reject staff posts and even enable a separate timeline for communication with your clients. Many of our agencies use the timeline to share outstanding event photos and agency information, while talent often just want to say hi!


Automated Email & SMS Reminders

Before getting on to StaffConnect, many of our agencies would be manually sending out email or SMS reminders to talent. Most had a process of sending a reminder out a day before the shift, another on the day of the shift, a reminder after the shift to submit reports on time etc.

We have completely automated this process by allowing the creation of reminder templates with rules for when they should be sent out. For example you may define a message template to send by email and push notification only if someone hasn’t checked in yet to a shift 30 minutes before the start time. Tags in the template will be replaced at send time, meaning you only need to create a template once and it can be used for all of your events.


Email, SMS & Push Notifications

We run 2 dedicated email servers capable of sending a huge number of emails every minute, and are experienced with dealing with large sending volumes.

Over the years we’ve had to go through the process of becoming whitelisted by email providers like Google, Outlook, Verizon due to our clients sending thousands of emails, and can advise and help setup your email system to ensure your emails don’t end up in spam folders.

SMS sends directly from the system, and have the replies go directly back to you or your teams’ mobile phones. Push notifications are used in our apps as well as the web platform, and are a free way to notify users of important events.


Live Chat With Your Team & Talent

Provided your talent have the app installed, our live chat feature allows your managers to chat with them from a computer similar to how WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger work.

Enable shift chats to have temporary chat groups created automatically per event, allowing your talent and managers to easily communicate with whoever they are working with that day.