GPS Check In/Out

Know when your talent are on and off site

Our GPS check in and out feature will give you peace of mind knowing that your talent is in the right place at the right time.
When staff check in using the mobile app not only will it change the colour of the shift on your calendar, you’ll also be able to see on a map where they are, their distance from the shift location and optionally view their uploaded selfie or photo of their setup.

Be alerted to No Shows

Should staff fail to check in on time they will automatically be marked as a ‘no show’, causing the managers of the shift to be notified and the colour on your calendar to change.
No shows or late check-ins are automatically recorded as a negative on talent profiles and influence their overall performance rating.

Schedule Breaks

Breaks can be scheduled and enforced with talent checking in and out, so that these are recorded for compliance with any local labour laws regarding breaks.