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Whitelabel & Custom Branding

Make The System Yours

We understand that agencies want the platform to look as customized and branded as possible. Rather than telling your clients to go to or to search for us, it sounds much more professional to tell them to search for your agency name on the app store. That’s why we’ve made StaffConnect as easy to white label and as customizable as possible.

Whitelabel & Custom Branding

Logos & Name

When you sign up with us we will ask for your logos and any background you’d like to use. With these we customize the login screen, replace our logo with yours in the web version, the apps and in all the email templates. You can create email signatures yourself, customize the wording of all templates to your liking and even choose the background colour of the email header and footer.

For model contact cards we provide basic customization of our default templates, but you are welcome to provide us with code from your own web developers if you’d like to completely customize the look.

Whitelabel & Custom Branding

Custom Domain

We provide all our agencies with a free subdomain of the form [agency name], however if you’d like to use your own domain, you can. First, you can register a new domain, eg: for an additional cost. Second, you can create a subdomain of your existing domain, eg: Assuming you already own your own domain, this is free. Once you have your new domain or subdomain, email our support team and we’ll do the rest.

Whitelabelled app.
Whitelabel & Custom Branding

Custom Apps

StaffConnect has both Apple and Android apps. When you request the apps to be provisioned for your system we take a copy of our app, customize it with your logo and branding and submit it on your behalf under your own account on the Apple app store and Google Play store.

You can name the app whatever you want and completely remove the StaffConnect name and branding. For your users to find your app, they just search on their device’s app store for whatever you chose to name it.