Quizzes, Surveys & Data Collection

Drag & Drop Report Designer

Create online quizzes and surveys yourself by dragging & dropping question types such as text inputs, drop down lists, checkboxes, ratings and radio buttons, tables.

Once created, these can be assigned to roles or tracking categories to be completed once off pre-event, post-event or regularly per event.


Quizzes are what we call the reports that are assigned to events to be completed before the shift. Quizzes are optionally scored, meaning you may set a correct answer for each question.
When a quiz is completed, talent (and optionally your admins) are notified of their score, and these can be set as requirements.
Our customers use quizzes for a variety of things, from health questionnaires to product knowledge refreshers.

COVID Questionnaire

For example you may create a ‘COVID Health Questionnaire’ which asks questions such as “Have you had a high fever in the last 24 hours?”. This quiz may be set up as required for every shift at check-in time. Should someone ‘fail’ the quiz by answering a question incorrectly, for example by answering ‘Yes’ to our above question - they can be prevented from checking-in, and the managers of the shift will be automatically notified.

Product Knowledge Test

In order to ensure brand ambassadors maintain a high level of product knowledge, our customers would do spot checks, training sessions and phone calls before talent could work shifts. With StaffConnect, scored quizzes can be used to both test and refresh talents’ product knowledge. For example a quiz can be created with questions such as “What is the taste of the new Tequila XYZ?” with the talent having to answer with a multiple choice radio button. This quiz can then be set as required to complete upon day confirmation of a shift (day confirming is re-confirming on the day of the shift) - meaning your staff will have their product knowledge tested and refreshed by StaffConnect every day that they work before they start their shift.


Surveys are unscored reports to be completed by talent after a shift has been completed. You can ask things like “How many people did you sample to?” and “What was the reaction to the new flavour?” or whatever else your client requests.
Completed surveys can be downloaded to spreadsheet format or you can give your client access to them with a click of the button for real-time data reporting.