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Talent Database

Your Talent, Online

Using StaffConnect your talent is stored online in a private, secure, encrypted database. Having your talent online is essential in this day and age. Besides being able to access them from anywhere with an internet connection you can also do other things, from linking to your advertising website via API to sending your clients links to online presentations and model contact cards.

Staff can log in to the system at any time to keep their details up to date and upload their latest photos and videos, and administrators can be notified if any important data has been changed for example bank details. Onboard new talent using our simple registration process, which can be embedded in your website for a custom look.

Talent Database

Setup Custom Profiles

StaffConnect provides a default user profile, capturing essential data like first name, last name, email address, and more. Besides that you are free to add or remove whatever you like.

With a few clicks and a bit of typing you can add a new field, set whether it’s optional or required, and drag and drop to position where you’d like it to appear. Whatever new field you add it will become immediately visible for talent to fill in, and filterable in your talent database. You can even have it displayed as a column in the main user table.

Talent Database

Custom Ratings

You can add whatever ratings you want to talent profiles. These are 5 star ratings, invisible to the talent, that you can use to indicate a certain level between 0 - 5. Click on a star to set the rating on a profile, and start typing in the rating name in the user search bar to filter your talent database by it.

Talent Database

Setup Custom Profiles

Attributes are what we call the checkboxes in the ‘Skills & Qualifications’ section of the user profile. Create whatever you like, and choose whether they are visible or invisible to your talent. Use these to store yes or no type attributes of your talent, with an optional expiry date.

For Example
Driver’s Licence
Barista Trained
COVID Vaccine Status
Talent Database

Filter & Search

The user table gives you access to filter and search your talent database. You can filter or search any attribute. For example:

Filter By Profile Fields 

Gender, hair colour, taller than a certain height, uniform size, and more.

Filter By Location

Type in “near:” followed by a zip code, state or street address to do a search by geographic location. An extra column appears telling you how far away your talent is to the entered location.

Filter By Ratings

Type in the name of the rating and filter for those with at least X number of stars.

Filter By Skills & Qualifications

Start typing the name of an attribute to find those which do (or do not) have that attribute.