Concert Event Management

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The Challenge to running any Concert is Organization! Many concert events have a range of staff to communicate with, and not just on the big day.. AV Technicians to set up AV Equipment, Promoters to help with ticket sales, Managers, a Security Team, Performers, Singers and more.


Staff Connect helps managers coordinate small to large concert events at one venue or multi-locations at any time. As a cloud solution we are online and secure 24/7. We also provide mobile apps to both managers and staff with useful features like GPS Check-In to make sure all your shift workers are present and accounted for when it matters most. Manage your own onboarding process when building a talent database of singers, performers, security guards, av technicians, and any other necessary staff that are key to creating the best concert events. Invoicing and payroll becomes easy too with our timesheet tracking and integrated payroll.

1 Solution for Concert Management

Currently logging in to multiple different systems to do your staff scheduling, time & attendance, event management, payroll and more, StaffConnect has all these features in one software such as online timesheets and staff portals and even GPS Check In/out capabilities.

Cost Efficient

Choose the plan most suitable to your workforce size and workload size, (subject to minimum $30pm). No up front costs, no monthly maintenance, no lengthy 3 or 12 month notice period and no licence fees so you can have as many users and administrators as you want.

Solve persistently perplexing challenges involving employee scheduling, time and attendance, communication, invoicing & payroll.

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