Modeling Agency

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

If you are looking for a software that will transform the way you operate your agency, then Staff Connect is for you. Some of our Clients have increased productivity by over 400%

Let Staff Connect do the Heavy lifting

We automate the boring stuff so you can spend more attention on the running your business. We will be your power-hub end to end.


Building a talent database of models can be challenging if you are stuck using spreadsheets. You may want to filter by location, height, hair color, languages spoken, previous work experience, or you may want to select your models based on a portfolio of images and video. managing your talent database at scale can be an organizational nightmare.


We provide each of our StaffConnect clients with the most customizable talent database to create a filterable searchable database so you can bring to the forefront ideal models for your events. You can also provide your clients with model presentation decks to showcase potential models that you have selected before you sign new contracts. If you need to gather more information from each model, feel free to use our customizable pre-event quizzes to evaluate product knowledge or post-event surveys.

1 Solution for Concert Management

Currently logging in to multiple different systems to do your staff scheduling, time & attendance, event management, payroll and more, StaffConnect has all these features in one software such as online timesheets and staff portals and even GPS Check In/out capabilities.

Cost Efficient

Choose the plan most suitable to your workforce size and workload size, (subject to minimum $30pm). No up front costs, no monthly maintenance, no lengthy 3 or 12 month notice period and no licence fees so you can have as many users and administrators as you want.

Solve persistently perplexing challenges involving employee scheduling, time and attendance, communication, invoicing & payroll.

Get top level on-boarding and training tailored to your needs. Our StaffConnect Support team go above and beyond to help your managers get up and running fast, level up your agency today!

“We had to find software that was easy enough to understand but also had all the features we wanted and StaffConnect allows us to have tons of different tools while still being easy to use.”