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Ensure your working event staff have COVID safety training certificates

William Newman
December 20, 2021

It is critical that your staff are fully trained to work in a safe environment.

Event organizers often overlook COVID safety training. This is unfortunate, as COVID safety training helps staff to be more confident in their roles and responsibilities when working at events.

The COVID safety training is designed to provide event staff with the knowledge and skills required to work safely onsite at events. This includes both indoor and outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events and trade shows.

Event organizers should provide COVID safety training for their workers, including vendors, contractors and temporary staff.

As more and more employees and business owners turn to the technological tools like Staff Connects Data Collection Form in the onboarding process (pre-event shift), Managers can create a standard of safety for all those attending any event and for those working together in the workplace.

It is important that your staff are prepared to work safely in this environment. With COVID safety training, they will learn how to come together in the workplace safely, as well as how to identify potential issues before they become a concern.

COVID safety training will improve your company's safety record by identifying hazards early on before they cause potential spread of the virus.

There are various ways to ensure your event staff are Virus free and have COVID safety training certificates. You can ask them to upload a covid negative test into StaffConnect’s Form Questionnaire before that staff worker shows up for work. You can purchase a company-wide covid safety training course or you can provide your event staff with a free online COVID safety training course that is available.

A company-wide covid safety training course will ensure that all of your event staff have the necessary skills to work safely in the workplace. The courses are tailored specifically for each business's needs and are usually based on legislation updates.

Free online covid safety training courses are another option you should consider for ensuring your event staff have the necessary knowledge. These courses are usually pre-recorded videos, templates and other materials related to covid in the workplace.

If you want to ensure your staffing event is compliant and you are setting the precautions in place, talk to us today at StaffConnect to see how our software can help you implement this standard with our technology.