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Event Management Software Benefits, Major Insights, and Future Trends

November 17, 2023

With the continuous integration of technology in event planning, no one can deny the increased usage of event management software in the events sector. In the present industry landscape, event management software has, without a doubt, provided valuable contributions to the success of many organizations and their conferences, functions, trade shows, and more. Continue reading to find out more about event management software and useful insights that can help you optimize your utilization of this app.

What Is Event Management Software?

Event management software or system is a tool engineered to assist event organizers in planning, managing, and executing events. In a simple explanation, this software is like an online office where organizers can oversee event development. It is typically customizable and comes with a mobile app accessible to clients or guests as well. Some of the events that utilize event management software include but are not limited to international conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, and other corporate gatherings. 

Why Use Event Management Software

Event management software are not built equally, but they share some common features that can bring about many benefits for your event planning processes. Here is a list of the general reasons why you should use event management software in 2023. 

  1. To save time, effort, and cost through automation and streamlining of repetitive event processes.
  2. To boost collaboration and communication.
  3. To protect attendee data and ensure secure transactions.
  4. To preserve data integrity in a centralized database.
  5. To utilize a customizable mobile app that gives your staff and clients easy access to event planning development and information. 
  6. To enhance data collection, analytics, and reporting. 
  7. To integrate apps seamlessly.
  8. To improve marketing and promotion results. 

Event Management Software Major Insights

Whether you’re an event planner already utilizing event management software or not, these event management software insights give you a clear understanding of this platform’s impact in today’s event industry. These insights can also help in decision-making and anticipating future advancements. 

Without further ado, let’s get started on three major event management software insights worth knowing today. 

1. The Event Management Software Market Size Is $ 7.62 Billion in 2023 and Is Expected to Grow Further 

As of 2023, the global event management software market has grown further, reaching $7.62 billion. The market is projected to expand even more at a 12.5% growth rate through 2030. This steady growth is primarily attributed to the increasing use of technology in modern-day event planning and the rising demand for event planning services.

At present, the utilization of event management software has become commonplace due to its numerous advantages. Compared to conventional event planning, utilizing event management software makes event processes more efficient and fast. It is packed with tools for communication, scheduling, staff management, and more, It particularly boasts of its automation capabilities, which automate routine tasks, such as sending reminders, executing marketing campaigns, and even gathering data. 

Furthermore, many event management software have a centralized database that keeps all event-related data in one place for speedy access and sharing. Event management software is also accessible on many devices, enabling organizers to manage their events on the go. 

2. About 86% of Planners Use an Event Management Software

As the events industry market continues to grow, the majority of event planners take advantage of the features and functionalities of event management software. This software not only helps them in producing high-quality events but also in keeping up with the high demands. It is also easy to use for each organizer and their clients, making it a preferred choice. 

Event management software is engineered to be customizable, user-friendly, and flexible for all event planners. It provides a one-stop solution for all event-related needs, from facilitating registration to boosting staff engagement and analyzing data from any event. Regardless of the event type, like corporate seminars, trade shows, product launches, or social gatherings, planners can count on event management software for more efficient workflow, faster communication, and overall seamless event execution. 

3. 78% of Businesses That Use Event Application Say That They Contribute to Positive Event ROI

When managing events, a positive ROI is unmistakably one of the main concerns of event organizers and hosts. A positive Return on Investment (ROI) indicates that an event has generated profit. There are many ways to increase the probability of a positive ROI, and using event apps is one of them.

In the current event scenes, the substantial majority of organizers find event apps to be beneficial for enhancing the financial performance of their events. This is mainly because event apps automate many event processes, enabling organizers to save time and allocate their resources more efficiently. Additionally, they can be used for marketing and promotions and reaching a larger audience. They can also collect and analyze data, which can help in making informed decisions for planning future events. 

Event Management Software Future Trends 

Like other software and services, event management software evolves along with the changing demands in the industry and the target audience’s preferences. Below are some of the trends we predict to see in the following years in the event management software market. 

  1. Deployment of stronger and more secured cloud-based event management software to reduce operational costs, prevent human errors, and boost productivity. 
  2. Increased adoption of IoT and AI to suit the needs and preferences of digitally savvy audiences.
  3. Integration of social media-related tools to boost social media event marketing. 
  4. More efficient integration of business systems and applications. 
  5. Hybrid event solutions that support both in-person and online event components. 
  6. New features that track and minimize the environmental effects of events.
  7. Prioritization of adding advanced engagement tools such as live polling. 
  8. More sophisticated data analytics tools for deeper insights. 

Discover StaffConnect: An All-in-One Event Management Platform 

With the benefits and positive insights of utilizing event management software, it’s clear that this platform is here to stay. But the question is, are you utilizing the right event management software for your needs? If you are looking to start integrating event management software in your event planning or upgrade your current one, StaffConnect is an app worth exploring. 

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