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Four Things Your Promotions Staffing Agency Should Be Doing in 2023

September 1, 2023

With the aftereffects of the pandemic, challenges brought about by the current economic downturn, and the ever-faster development of new technologies, promotions staffing agencies confront challenges that were not known to them before. 

Promotions staffing agencies are businesses that provide skilled staff, more commonly referred to as promotional models and brand ambassadors. These staff become the face of their partner brands during marketing events, product launches, and other similar occasions. They create personalized interactions that leave a lasting impact, fostering authentic personal connections that online advertising often misses.

If you are running a promotions staffing agency and struggling to navigate the complex business landscape in 2023, here are the four things you should be doing to boost your success in the industry. Without further delay, let’s get started. 

Four Things Your Promotions Staffing Agency Should Be Doing in 2023

1. Strengthening Your Brand 

Strengthening a brand is not just about revamping logos or slogans, it is also about enhancing customer experience and the overall quality of your service. 

A brand is an identity that a business uses in order to communicate its values and vision and stand out from its competitors. It plays a significant role in catching the attention of its target audience, establishing a relationship with them, and enhancing their overall experience. Ultimately, it can help provide more value for your business, enabling you to establish a stable market share and boost financial results. 

Like other businesses, promotions staffing agencies face an extraordinary amount of competitors in 2023 due to the increased demand for promotions staff for live events. One of the best ways to rise above this challenge is by strengthening the agency’s brand. 

By establishing a powerful brand, you can differentiate yourself from your rivals and build a strong competitive advantage. This not only helps increase brand awareness but also evokes the desire of your audiences to learn more about your services. What’s more, having a positive brand can motivate customers to opt for your services and become loyal to your business. 

2. Preparing for Gen Z Workers

In 2023, Generation Z—or Gen Z—Workers continue to enter the workforce and change the business culture in various sectors. At present, Gen Z accounts for 30% of the world population and is projected to make up about 27% of the workforce by 2025. While there is no denying how important these workers are now to businesses, managers may experience challenges in working with this generation of workers due to the generation gap. 

Compared to earlier generations, Gen Z, a group of individuals born between 1997 to 2012, is said to be the first digital generation. Individuals that belong to this age group are used to easy access to the internet and electronic devices. Given this, it is with no shock that they are significantly interested in tech jobs. This is where the challenge in the promotions staffing agency begins. 

While online promotions have become an increasingly popular marketing strategy which may Gen-Z may find interesting, live promotions are still equally important. Hence, as a promotions staffing agent, you must consider ways to encourage workers from this demographic to work in the field. Additionally, you may want to adopt digital tools to manage and support your promotional staff. 

Apart from technology, Gen Z is also passionate about doing meaningful work and wants to work somewhere they feel independent and appreciated and have a work-life balance. As such, it has become imperative for businesses to listen more and look for ways to nurture a positive work culture that is rewarding and can align with Gen Z’s way of life.

3. Improving Recruitment Processes 

According to a survey by The Staffing Stream, 51% of hiring managers interviewed a candidate remotely, and 42% extended an offer remotely. Despite recruitment being more convenient due to the help of technology and the Internet today, recruitment processes still pose challenges for many staffing agencies. 

Staffing agencies have varying recruitment processes that work for them. However, if you are facing challenges regarding recruitment and hiring, here are some general tips you can follow to improve your recruitment processes. 

  1. Set a clear timeline
  2. Coordinate with your clients about the job qualifications and requirements at all times
  3. Make use of digital tools 
  4. Match talents to roles suitable to their qualifications and skills 
  5. Treat your candidates fairly and with respect 
  6. Maintain a talent pool
  7. Gather and analyze data to improve your processes

Through these ways, you can speed up your recruitment processes and effectively fulfill your staffing services. Besides improving your processes, these tips can also help in establishing a staffing brand that is reliable and reputable. 

4. Embracing Digital Transformation

Whether you work in tech jobs or not, you have probably observed the unstoppable innovations and developments in technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, and more. While it can be daunting to keep up with these advancements, the most practical approach for staffing agencies like yours is to embrace them. 

There are many benefits to adopting technology in the processes of your business. Below, we note the most essential benefits of technology in promotions staffing agencies. 

  1. Improved communication through online communication channels 
  2. Faster and enhanced data gathering and analysis 
  3. Convenient payment methods 
  4. Enhanced staff and customer experience 
  5. Increased Revenue Results

In the promotions staffing world, it can be worthwhile for your agency to adopt technology throughout its processes and in every area of operations. By doing so, you not only improve your processes but also stay relevant in the modern world and maintain your growth. 

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