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How StaffConnect saves you money on 11 different software tools

William Newman
December 21, 2021

As Event Staffing Agencies rely on more and more software applications to run their operations, the costs can soon escalate to a significant amount each month. Furthermore, agencies are constantly switching from one application to another while trying to improve their productivity and time management.

Managing all these separate systems that do not work collaboratively in one place is not only time consuming but also costly to a growing agency. Using individual software tools in an event management agency only solves one requirement at a time. This does not provide your business with a fluid business operational flow, an all in one process.

What would be ideal is a software that is custom built for a dedicated purpose with everything you could possibly want to join the dots and connect all your business processes and operations into one seamless workflow. Wait, does this exist? Yes it does! Staff Connect was built over a decade ago and since then, we have been listening to our clients requests and implementing new features year after year to make Staff Connect quite possibly the most powerful feature rich all-in-one platform for event staffing agencies.

Under the hood is everything needed to manage hiring, onboarding, data collection, surveys, quizzes, scheduling shifts, using Gps Check In/Out, Invoices, making payments and the list carries on. 

11 Software functionalities, built into the platform to save you money.  

Digital E-Signatures

Hellosign -  $30 a month

Pandadoc - $59 a month

Docusign - $45 a month

Inside StaffConnect:

A large part of managing contractors or employees is paperwork. Collecting tax forms like the USA’s W9 or Australia’s Superannuation Standard Choice is a legal requirement.
StaffConnect has the features of Docusign built in - you can upload any pdf or image and turn it into a digital form to have your talent complete.

Form Provider

Typeform -  $100 a  month

Formstack - $83 a month

Inside StaffConnect:

Set your forms as requirements at various stages, for example at registration, at login, or even for confirmation of a specific campaign - and have the resulting data stored on your talents’ profiles as a pdf.

Payment/Banking Transfers



Bank International Wire Fees

Inside StaffConnectPay:

$1 per transaction or 0.75% per transaction, whichever is lower no matter where your staff are located in any country, no matter what currency you remit in.
Staff will see funds available in an online wallet, and they choose when and how they'd like to receive the funds, whether it's by bank transfer, virtual or physical prepaid debit card.

Survey Form / Quiz Software

Survey monkey - $29 a month

Qualaroo - $100 a month

Surveyanyplace - $59 a month

Inside StaffConnect:

Design quizzes and surveys yourself by dragging & dropping question types such as text inputs, drop down lists, checkboxes, ratings and radio buttons.
StaffConnect has two types of reports:

Quizzes are scored reports you can assign to talent to complete before a shift, for example at check-in time. They can be used for anything from a product knowledge test to a COVID health questionnaire.

Surveys are unscored reports to be completed by talent after a shift has been completed. You can ask things like “How many people did you sample to?” and “What was the reaction to the new flavour?” or whatever else your client requests.

SMS Provider

Textmagic - $87 a month (2000 sms plan)

Simpletexting - $75 a month (2000 sms plan)

Inside StaffConnect:

We are integrated with Vonage. You create and manage your own Vonage account that we link to. You pay directly to Vonage, we do not take any middle-man fees.
Check pricing for your country here:

Omni Messaging


Inside StaffConnect:

Our live chat system uses push notifications, meaning it is near instant and comes at no additional cost. Similar to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger you can send a message from your computer and have it appear on your talents’ mobile devices.
Enable shift chats to have temporary chat groups created automatically per event, allowing your talent and managers to easily communicate with whoever they are working with that day.


Amazon AWS - $50 a month approximately

Inside StaffConnect:

The StaffConnect platform and its application data is replicated over 2 servers, 1 in Australia and 1 in USA, so that if one server ever goes down the connection is automatically switched to the other, with data sync resuming as soon as both servers are online again.

In addition database backups are taken every day and stored for a week on storage physically separate from both servers.

Calendar Software

Acuity Scheduling - $50 a month

Calendly - $20 a month

Inside StaffConnect:

For more detail on our event scheduling capabilities click here -

Email Provider

Mailchimp - $20.00 a month

Sendgrid - $29.95 a month

Inside StaffConnect:

Making sure your emails get into your talents’ inboxes is a challenge that we take pride in overcoming. Over the past 10 years we’ve learnt how to manage email servers so that we can provide a high sending and deliverability rate while avoiding being blacklisted by the big email exchanges like Yahoo, Google, Outlook etc.
We use SPF and optionally DKIM to sign all emails and ensure they do not end up in spam folders.


Quickbooks - The lowest-priced plan starts at $45 per month, plus $4 per person per month.

Onpay - $3436 for 850 people on payroll!

Inside StaffConnect:

Use our Xero or WorkMarket integrations for free to transfer timesheets and invoices to your existing payroll systems.
To actually pay talent use our StaffConnectPay system for $1 per transaction or 0.75% per transaction, whichever is lower.

Photo Management

Adobe Lightroom - $9.99

Adobe Bridge - $20.99

Inside StaffConnect:

Photos are super important to promotions and modelling agencies and their clients. With StaffConnect any photos uploaded are automatically corrected for orientation, resized and compressed. We offer unlimited storage and currently look after over 2.5 terabytes worth of photos and videos.

That's Huge Savings!

Having all these systems in one place all connected in the right order in one software dedicated to powering event staffing agencies, could be a ”godsend” as quoted by one of our happy customers. Here at StaffConnect, we are more than happy to save your agency time and money on your software needs.

If you have not already had a trial of our software, sign up today!