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Modeling Agencies Trends: What's Next in the Industry?

May 24, 2023

Every year, the modeling agencies industry faces transformation brought about by fast-changing consumer tastes and values. In 2023, we can expect more trends that will revolutionize the industry from the inside out. Modeling agencies manage and provide models for promotional events and advertisements. For years, they successfully have proven their worth in the promotional and entertainment industry making them one a force to be reckoned with in the modern event space. However, just like other industries, this is also constantly evolving with new trends. 

If you are a modeling agency manager or aspiring model, you know how the trends can affect your success in the industry. To help you stay updated on these trends, we rounded up and explained the biggest trends in the modeling agencies industry today.

Modeling Agencies Trends

Progressive Employment Growth

In a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the employment growth rate for models is projected to increase at a rate of 9% from 2021 to 2031. There are serval reasons behind this; however, the most significant reason would be the rise of e-commerce and social media. As more consumers shop online, fashion brands need models to showcase their products and create visual content for their websites and social media platforms.

Apart from the boom in e-commerce and social media, the emerging trend of inclusivity and diversity in the modeling industry also contributes to the higher employment demand for models. The comeback of in-person events such as fashion shows and marketing events also increases the need for models who will advertise products and services. 

While the employment growth rate for models is higher than the average for all occupations and is generally favorable for modeling agencies and models, this can also mean greater competition in the industry. With that being said, models and modeling agencies should look for ways to differentiate themselves from rivals. Some strategies that can help you stay competitive in the field are building strong relationships with industry professionals and staying up with the latest trends.

Increased Demand for Inclusivity and Diversity

Whether you’re keeping up with the latest trends in the modeling industry or not, you’ve probably noticed the diversity in models nowadays through different media. Models of different ages, sizes, ethnicities, backgrounds, and gender are becoming more in demand in the modeling world. 

The world is changing, and there is a greater need to reflect the diversity of races and cultures in the fashion and modeling space. More and more consumers also advocate for representation and do not shy away from voicing their opinions anymore. Furthermore, brands that embrace diversity and inclusivity are able to connect with a broader range of customers and tap into new markets. Ultimately, diversity and inclusivity not only align with societal values but are also good for business. With this shift gaining momentum, modeling agencies have to establish clear diversity and inclusivity goals and revise hiring practices that may prevent certain groups from being hired. 

Leveraging Social Media for Increased Visibility

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok provide models and modeling agencies an opportunity to increase their visibility. With millions of active users on social media platforms, models and modeling agencies can reach a broader audience faster than before. These platforms also give them an opportunity to connect with their followers and establish lasting relationships. Furthermore, social media is a convenient and accessible platform to promote and sell products easier and more effectively  By creating engaging content and advertising campaigns, models and agencies can promote products and encourage existing customers to make repeat purchases. 

Apart from reaching target audiences and marketing, social media also enhances the earning opportunity of models without the help of agencies. Through social media, models can integrate influencer marketing and digital content creation into their careers. This gives them more control over their profession and more opportunities to market themselves directly to clients. There is no denying that social media has become more powerful nowadays. Hence modeling agencies need to come up with an effective social media strategy. Additionally, they should produce high-quality content that sparks the interest of viewers. 

Virtual Casting and Digital Portfolios

Technology has been a major contributing factor to different industries, and the modeling industry is no exception. In the digital world, modeling agencies integrate virtual casting and digital portfolios to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and reduce cost. 

Virtual casting is a virtual audition process that allows modeling agencies to conduct auditions using online and digital platforms instead of in-person auditions that take time and space. Through virtual casting, models and modeling agencies can now connect and communicate via the Internet, reducing transportation costs and boosting efficiency in hiring talents. 

On the other hand, a digital portfolio is a digital collection of the model’s skills, achievements, and work samples. Models can simply submit their digital portfolios in the form of a website or multimedia presentation for modeling agencies or clients to see. This doesn’t only make the casting process faster and more convenient for both models and clients but also allows for more talent to be considered regardless of location. Additionally, the digital portfolio allows models to showcase their versatility as they can easily include a variety of photos, videos, and even social media links to demonstrate their personality and skills.

Besides being convenient and practical, virtual casting and digital portfolios are considered more eco-friendly than traditional casting and portfolios. By integrating these into the modeling agencies' processes, they can eliminate the need to use paper and reduce carbon emissions associated with travel. 

Stay Relevant in the Modeling Agency Industry No Matter the Trend

Trends come and go, but one thing will remain constant, and that is the demand for high-quality service. Are you certain that you are providing services that your client deserves? If not, then you may need to level up your management game with a modern solution.  Enhance the efficiency of your modeling agency operations so you can focus more on the things that matter more in your business. Book a demo with StaffConnect today and take your first step towards reaching bigger goals.