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StaffConnect: Your Partner in Managing Successful Trade Shows

May 5, 2023

With 64% of exhibitors planning to exhibit at more trade shows in 2023, trade show management companies can certainly expect to see a surge in their events. Hosting trade shows doesn’t just allow businesses to market their products but also strengthen bonds with current customers and partners while establishing connections and attractions for future ones. 

Furthermore, trade shows can improve staff knowledge about the product. As a matter of fact, 58% of businesses said that their staff gained product knowledge from working closely with the product and interacting with customers. 

While trade shows have been known to be one of the most effective marketing events, the current business landscape is evolving, and audiences expect more from trade shows. Consequently, trade show management companies face more pressure to level up their management game. 

If you are looking for ways to manage your trade show events, StaffConnect has your back. StaffConnect is an event management software that helps you manage every aspect of your event from recruiting event staff to executing the actual event. Our platform is equipped with all the necessary tools you’ll need to plan your event, manage your staff, and generate post-event reports. Want to know more about StaffConnect? Keep reading to learn more about how our all-in-one power hub can supercharge your business operations in just a few clicks.

What Is a Trade Show?

A trade show is a promotional event where businesses showcase their products or services to establish partnerships or attract new customers. Additionally, a trade provides businesses with an avenue to connect with their current consumers and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in their industry.

Apart from displaying products, businesses can also conduct educational seminars, networking events, and product demonstrations during the trade show. This is done to provide attendees with a more comprehensive understanding of the industry and the companies that participate in it.

Who Manages Trade Shows?

Trade shows can range from small, local shows to large, international events that attract thousands of attendees from around the world. Typically, trade shows are organized by event management companies. Trade associations and industry organizations may also manage trade shows. 

Ultimately, the success of a trade show depends on the expertise and experience of the organization that manages it. A well-managed trade show can provide significant value to both exhibitors and attendees and can help to drive growth and innovation within a particular industry.

Why Partner with Event Management Companies to Plan Your Trade Show?

It's actually quite simple: the success of a trade show largely depends on the expertise of the organizers that manage it. Hence, it is important to only choose a trade show event manager that can provide significant value to your trade show.  Event management companies have experienced trade show planners or managers who have extensive experience in organizing and executing successful trade shows. They can handle all aspects of the event, from logistics and marketing to post-event follow-up. 

Furthermore, event planners have access to a network of suppliers and service providers who can provide a range of services. These services may include exhibit design and construction, catering, and audio-visual support. They can also negotiate favorable rates with their partners, helping businesses to keep costs under control. 

Moreover, trade show managers do not just help manage your trade show but also assist in social media marketing, email campaigns, and other forms of targeted outreach They can also provide advice on exhibit design, which is crucial in creating an engaging and meaningful experience for visitors.

Responsibilities of a Trade Show Event Management Company

The responsibilities of a trade show event management company can vary depending on the specific event and the needs of the clients. However, here are some of the typical responsibilities of a trade show event management company:

Trade Show Staff Recruitment

Trade show event planners are responsible for overseeing the hiring process. They have to screen and interview multiple applicants and select who is the best fit for the job. They may also select from their previously hired staff. 

Onboarding Staff and Assigning Tasks

Event management companies are typically in charge of onboarding staff. They have to provide training and briefings to staff, making sure that they are well informed about their role and are capable of fulfilling their tasks. After onboarding, trade show managers must assign staff to their designated roles and responsibilities after hiring and onboarding. 

Planning the Trade Show Event

Trade show event planners are in charge of finding and choosing a venue, making trade show event designs, and handling logistics. They also create a budget plan and track all expenses. 

Negotiate Contracts with Suppliers

Trade show event managers look for and select the best supplier for the trade show. After finding the most suitable supplier, they negotiate contracts and rates and ensure that all suppliers deliver services as expected. 

Promote the Trade Show

Apart from managing the actual event, event management companies also develop a marketing and promotion plan to drive attendance and interest from the target audience. This promotion plan may include email outreach, using brand ambassadors, and more. 

Event and Staff Management During the Trade Show

During the trade show, the trade show managers from event management companies need to oversee attendee registration and attendance and ensure that they have a positive experience. They also manage other aspects of the event on-site, including staff coordination, exhibit set-up and tear-down, and audio-visual tech support. 

Post-Event Reports

After the trade show, the event management company conducts post-event evaluations. This is crucial to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their management strategy. The data gathered may also serve as a strong promotional tool. 

Invoicing and Payroll

Trade show management companies are typically in charge of invoicing their clients and sending payroll to their staff. They must ensure that their staff is paid accordingly all the time.

How StaffConnect Works With Trade Shows

StaffConnect is a business management software designed to help trade show event management companies to manage tasks and staff. It is equipped with modern and practical tools for communication, event scheduling, data collection, and more. If you want to know more about StaffConnect’s tools and features for managing trade shows, keep reading as we discuss them one by one below.

Customized Onboarding Process

Do you want to save time and resources in onboarding new staff? If yes, then you should check out StaffConnect’s 8-step registration process for onboarding staff. This feature allows you to onboard your staff into the StaffConnect system easily in just a few clicks. 

If the registration process is not suitable for your company’s standards, you can also change the questions and the requirements for your staff. Additionally, our onboarding feature allows you to ask your staff for digital signatures to verify their identity. 

Planning Schedule 

Planning a schedule that works for the staff, client, trade show visitors, and suppliers is tough, but don’t worry because StaffConnect is here to help you. StaffConnect is equipped with an availability checking feature that tells you who among your staff is available for work. It also has a calendar integration functionality that lets you connect the StaffConnect calendar with other calendar programs. With this feature, you can easily see all your schedules in one place and avoid missing any prior commitments. Furthermore, StaffConnect has custom tracking categories, so you can define your categories and filter your calendar for easy viewing. 

GPS Check-In and Out

StaffConnect’s GPS Check-In and Out feature lets you track your staff’s location before and during the event. It eliminates the need for manually checking in and out using paper and is also a practical tool for accurate time tracking. Additionally, it can help track your staff location during emergency situations. 

Whitelabel Custom Branding

For trade show management companies, it is crucial to establish a lasting brand image for clients. Not only does consistent brand image helps in presenting the company in a professional light but also gives clients a glimpse into how they can effectively promote their brand.

StaffConnect’s Whitelabel custom branding features allow you to personalize the app’s name and logo to maintain your brand identity. Our platform also has a custom domain functionality, allowing you to customize your web domain for easy brand recognition. You can replace the StaffConnect logo in various elements such as systems, emails, and HTML and CSS presentations and pages as well.

Unlimited Email

Emails are a quick and efficient way to promote the trade show and reach your client’s target audience. Unfortunately, not all emails get delivered to your audience’s inbox. Luckily there is StaffConnect's Unlimited Email Feature. This feature ensures your (and your clients’) emails land in the inbox and stay off blacklists. 

Push Notifications

Sudden changes in the trade show plan are inevitable. Hence, you should make sure to coordinate with your staff as fast as possible in order to prevent these changes from ruining the trade show. StaffConnect is equipped with push notifications functionality that notifies your staff quickly. When you send a push notification, the receiver’s phone will vibrate and show a pop-up notification. 

Communications Hub

StaffConnect features a communications hub that allows your team and clients to collaborate on one platform. In the communications hub, they can share files, email, SMS, and chat. This helps keep your team engaged and well-informed about the developments or changes in your trade show. 

Streamlined Invoicing and Payments 

With StaffConnect's invoicing feature, you can quickly create invoices for your staff and clients with just a few clicks. Furthermore, our app has an XTRM integration that facilitates fast global payments. It also allows you to set payroll deduction rules so you can easily comply with your staff’s taxation requirements. 

StaffConnect reduces the possibility of payment-related errors and avoids the need to recruit additional staff to handle your invoicing and payroll. 

Survey Data Collection

The data from post-event surveys show how successful your trade show was and pinpoint areas that require improvement. It can help you measure your customer and client satisfaction, sales, and other information that you find valuable in your business. StaffConnect is equipped with survey data collection functionality. It allows you to easily design surveys using a drag-and-drop builder and send surveys to your respondents after every trade show. 

After your respondents complete the survey, you can view the results right away online. When the data is complete, you can approve online access for your clients. Additionally, the survey data collection functionality enables you to combine survey data with schedule data and download them in spreadsheet format. 

Centralized Database

Whether you are new to managing trade shows or not, we are certain that you already have an idea of how managing data can be a challenge especially when managing a number of staff and events at the same time. We understand that, so we created a centralized and searchable database where you can keep all your essential files. StaffConnect’s centralized database also has a customizable attribute feature to keep your database more organized and easy to navigate. Moreover, our system lets you write internal notes on your staff profiles, ensuring that you do not forget all their important details.

Why Use StaffConnect for Managing Your Trade Shows

StaffConnect has all the tools to help you manage your events from scratch. Get to know more about the advantages of using StaffConnect for your business below. 

Time Efficiency

StaffConnect automates time-consuming manual tasks and streamlines your business processes. With StaffConnect, you can maximize the use of your work hours and accomplish more tasks. 

Reduced Operation and Labor Costs

StaffConnect is designed to be an all-in-one power hub for managing events. It already comes with different tools for communication, event scheduling, and database, so you won’t need to subscribe to additional apps or services. Additionally, StaffConnect automates many of your manual tasks like invoicing or sending out reminders, eliminating the need to hire new staff. 

Enhanced Profitability

With better time efficiency and reduced operation and labor costs, you can allocate more time and resources to things that contribute to improving your event’s financial gains. These include marketing, finding or meeting new clients, and research.

Experience the Difference with StaffConnect

Are you tired of the stress and hassle of planning events? Are you looking for ways to automate tasks and streamline processes to save more time? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. For over 10 years in the event management software industry, StaffConnect is enhanced with practical and powerful tools that will help you manage trade shows that leave a lasting impact on attendees. StaffConnect is also easy to use and integrate into your business operations, so you can start using it as soon as possible. 

Still having reservations about whether StaffConnect is the right fit for your business? We understand your concerns. Why not try our free demo first? Schedule your demo here and experience the difference StaffConnect can make for your business without any costs.