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The Secret Ingredient for Event Management Success: Temporary Staffing

September 12, 2023

Even if you’ve been in the event management industry for years, you know that encountering challenges in hiring the right staff can be inevitable. From posting job advertisements to onboarding and training, you need to commit a lot of attention and time to ensure that you are recruiting productive and effective workers. Not to mention, you also need to devote effort to carefully planning the event itself. Thankfully, temporary staffing has eased the burden of event staff recruitment today.

As the term implies, temporary staffing is a practice where businesses or event managers hire temporary workers for a limited time. This time can go from a couple of days to weeks, depending on the duration of a project or how long the company needs additional staff. Temporary workers are typically hired through temporary staffing agencies, or simply called temp agencies. Depending on the agency’s services, they can fill staffing gaps in various industries such as event promotion, security, construction, and more. 

If you are managing an event and looking for ways to acquire staff more efficiently and effectively but are not sure whether temp staffing is suitable for your needs, this post might just change your mind. In this blog post, we share why it is worth considering temp staffing for your event staffing needs. 

Advantages of Temporary Staffing in Events

While there has been a decline in the number of temp workers due to economic difficulties recently, they continue to offer advantages that can help you achieve ultimate success in your events. Read on as we get into further details on the advantages of temporary staffing in events below. 

Saves Time

Temporary staff typically have knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, experience when it comes to fulfilling temporary roles in various industries such as events. This makes it faster and easier for you to deploy them as they won’t necessarily need lengthy orientation and training. 

Reduces Costs 

Since temporary staff don’t typically require extensive training, you can save money on training resources such as handouts and manuals. Besides that, opting for temp staff can also help you save on labor costs. As we probably all know, events are seasonal and do not have a fixed time frame throughout the year. While you may employ temp staff longer than usual, such as a year or a couple of months, you are only employing them when you really need them. Therefore, you will only have to pay them when you require their services. 

Since you do not have a long-term commitment with temp staff, you can also adjust your workforce according to the event scale and schedules more easily. This allows you to avoid over-staffing and spending money on salaries of excess staff. 

Reduces the Risks of Mis-Hires 

Did you know that a mis-hire can cost five times the worker’s annual salary? A mis-hire is a term used to address a person hired for a role that they are not capable of fulfilling. Although there are still chances of employing a mis-hire from temp staffing, there is a way to lessen this occurrence through partnering with temp staffing agencies. 

Temp staffing agencies take care of evaluating, hiring, and training your staff on your behalf. They carefully select temporary staff members who possess the required skills and cultural fit, ensuring that you employ the right staff the first time. Additionally, they usually maintain a talent pool of pre-screened workers who are ready to work whenever needed.

With the help of a temp staffing agency, you get access to workers who are already evaluated and trained. This not only saves your time and cost but also your risk of hiring a worker who is not suitable for the role you are offering. 

Brings In Fresh Perspectives

More often than not, temporary staff come from various backgrounds and have numerous experiences from working in different businesses or events. Given this, they have unique viewpoints and insights that they can bring to the table. Their fresh perspectives on your event management can boost staff engagement and spark innovation. The diversity of thoughts may also help in nurturing a collaborative work environment that aims to achieve long-term improvement and success. 

Covers Unexpected Staff Shortages and Absences

Another notable advantage of temporary staffing is its convenience. Temp staffing agencies can provide temporary staff to cover unexpected staffing gaps in your events on short notice seamlessly.  By filling the gaps in your staff fast, you can ensure a positive event experience and customer satisfaction. Additionally, this allows you to continue planning or executing your event and avoid disruptions that can cause delays or problems that can affect your event negatively.

Makes Managing Staff Easier

If you've ever worked in a fast-paced work environment, you know that sometimes things can get pretty hectic. That's where temporary staffing can come in handy. Temporary workers have a talent for jumping in and handling whatever comes their way easier than other workers. They're quick learners and team players, which makes it effortless for them to fit right in. 

Furthermore, temp workers can work under pressure and are naturally independent, which gives them the ability to handle tasks with minimal supervision. With temporary staff on board, you won’t need to worry about constantly monitoring all your staff. Consequently, this frees up some time and resources for allowing you to focus on other important tasks in your event. 

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