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Top 10 Event Management Software Trends

William Newman
July 4, 2022

Even though the pandemic put a halt on the big events, experts say that they are making a major comeback! After an 18-month hiatus, many event planners are ready to jump right back in!

As event management software evolves, so do the trends in how events are planned and executed. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the top event management software trends for 2022.

These trends include the continued rise of in-person events, more focus on event technology, and the growing demand for event planners.

We will also discuss some of the challenges that event managers face and how event management software can help overcome them.

Event Management Software: A Quick Overview

Event management software, also known as event management software, is a program that aids in the organization of an event. It can be used to track event expenditures, create event calendars, and manage the workforce for events. Event management software may also be utilized to market and sell tickets for an event.

10 Top Event Management Software Trends for 2022

In-person events are making a comeback in a big way. After a year of virtual event fatigue, event planners and attendees are ready to return to the excitement and energy of in-person gatherings.

But let's take a look at how that affected the event technology trends.

1. GPS Check-In and Geofencing

Event planners are using GPS check-in to track attendees as they arrive at an event. This way, if there is an emergency, event staff can quickly locate and evacuate people from the event site.

Geofencing is increasingly used to create virtual event perimeters. This allows event planners to keep track of who enters and leaves the event space, as well as provide attendees with information and updates via their phones.

2. Better Communication and Collaboration

With event management software, event planners can easily communicate with event staff and volunteers. This includes sending event updates, reminders, and schedule changes. Event management software also makes it easy to track event tasks and to-dos.

Event planners can utilize event management software to interact with other event planners. You may exchange ideas, best practices, and hints this way.

In event management software, collaboration features may also be utilized to create event marketing materials such as event website pages and social media posts.

3. Financial Tracking and Reporting

You can also track event expenses and income. This way, event planners can stay on budget and report event finances to event sponsors.

Some event management software also offers payment processing features. This allows event planners to collect event registration fees and ticket sales online.

These features can also be helpful when creating post-event reports. Your team can use these reports to track event ROI and justify event budgets.

Event management software is also useful for creating post-event surveys. Your team can use these surveys to gather event feedback from attendees, staff, and volunteers.

4. Data Collection and Insights

Some of the most exciting trends we are seeing in event planning is data collection. You can use event management software to collect event data and generate event insights.

Your team can use this data to improve event planning for future events. Event management software can also help you track KPIs (key performance indicators). This way, you can measure the success of your event against specific goals.

Data collection and analysis are an important part of event management.

But event planners should also be aware of the data privacy concerns that come with collecting event data.

When collecting event data, event planners should always get the attendees' consent. Event planners should also ensure that all event data is stored securely.

5. Custom Branding and Event Themes

Finally, a trend that we find especially helpful is the use of white-label software. White-label event management software allows event planners to brand the event planning software with their own logos and colors.

This is a great way to create a cohesive event brand. It can also help event planners save time when creating event materials.

6. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Event planners are using VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) to create immersive event experiences.

With VR, attendees can explore event spaces and interact with event elements in a completely virtual environment.

AR allows event planners to overlay digital event content in the real world. For example, you could use AR to display event schedules, maps, and social media feeds in the event space.

Both VR and AR are still emerging technologies. But we think they have a lot of potentials to change event planning for the better.

7. Event Management Software as a Service

The event industry is moving away from one-time event planning software purchases. And event planners are increasingly subscribing to event management software as a service.

With event management software as a service, event planners can access event planning tools on an ongoing basis. They can also take advantage of new features and updates as they become available.

This subscription-based model is more convenient and cost-effective for event planners. It also allows event planners always to have the latest event planning technology at their fingertips.

8. AI Assistants for Event Planners

AI (artificial intelligence) is changing event planning in a number of ways.

One way AI is being used in event planning is through the development of chatbots. Chatbots can answer event attendees' questions and help them navigate event websites.

Another way AI is being used in event planning is to develop event recommendations. AI event recommendations can help event planners find new event venues, suppliers, and activities.

AI is also being used to develop event mobile apps. These apps can provide attendees with personalized event schedules and content recommendations.

AI is changing the way event planners work. And we think AI-powered event management software will become more common in event planning over the years.

9. 5G Network

With the roll-out of the 5G network, we are seeing event planners use event technology in new ways.

The increased bandwidth and speed of the network allow event planners to use event management software to stream live video, audio, and data.

This is a great way to provide event attendees with real-time event updates and information. It can also help event planners stay connected with their team during the event.

The roll-out of the network is still in its early stages. But we think the event industry will find new and innovative ways to use event technology with the help of the network.

10. Event Automation Tools

Event automation is becoming more popular with event planners. Event automation tools help event planners automate event tasks, as the name implies.

This can include tasks like sending event reminders, managing event registrations, and creating event itineraries.

Event automation tools can help event planners save time and improve the efficiency of their event planning process. We think event automation will become even more popular in the next few years.

Event Management with StaffConnect

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